Book Sale — October

I went to another book sale… surprise, surprise!

One find was a complete set of George Eliot’s works! I have read Silas Marner, Felix Holt, Middlemarch, and Daniel Deronda, but I didn’t own all of them.


I picked up a few books of music: a German Choir book (more pictures of that later on), a Psalter/Hymnal (I’ve been wanting a psalter!), and an illustrated book of folk songs.


I got rather a large amount of children’s books. I found a complete set of The Family Treasury of Children’s Stories — books I grew up with. Also, I found two copies of A Child’s Garden of Verses. I got them because of their illustrations — by Tasha Tudor and Jessie Willcox Smith. A goal of mine is to own all of Beatrix Potter’s books in individual volumes. Purchasing The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher brought me one book closer to this goal.


I have been trying to learn German — in a rather desultory manner. I think I’ve picked up more German books than German! Anyway, I brought home a German Choir book (as mentioned earlier), a German Primer (isn’t it the most adorable thing‽), Hermann und Dorothea by Goethe (isn’t German text beautiful‽), and, what will probably be more useful to me, a Berlitz German for Travellers.


Some of my younger brothers and sisters are doing a science course on sea animals this year. Their unit on whales mentioned the fictional whale Moby-Dick. They were so interested that I checked out a copy of Moby-Dick rewritten for children by Kathleen Olmstead from the library and read it to them. They loved it! My little brother spied an unabridged copy of Moby-Dick at the book sale with a neat nautical cover, and so I had to get it! (I randomly opened it up when I got home and read the first chapter I came to — chapter 65, “The Whale as a Dish”. It was hilarious! — not at all what I was expecting.) I also got a copy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and a beautifully illustrated copy of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.


And now my pocketbook is safe until the next library book sale.

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2 Responses to Book Sale — October

  1. Those books are gorgeous. Gorgeous!

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