Sickness in Large Families

I’m from a large family, most of whom are just recovering from some kind of beginning-of-winter cold. While they were sick, I was reminded of this scene from the book I just finished reading, Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens:

2012_02_01_10_18_49-1At last, her bundle, and her pattens, and her basket, and everything else, being disposed of, [Mrs. Gamp] … parted as from a cherished member of the sisterhood with Betsey Prig.

‘Wishin you lots of sickness, my darlin creetur,’ Mrs Gamp observed, ‘and good places. It won’t be long, I hope, afore we works together, off and on, again, Betsey; and may our next meetin’ be at a large family’s, where they all takes it reg’lar, one from another, turn and turn about, and has it business-like.’

‘I don’t care how soon it is,’ said Mrs Prig; ‘nor how many weeks it lasts.’ (Ch. 29)

Stay well this winter, and may you ever be preserved from such nurses as Sairey Gamp and Betsey Prig!

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