The Dolls’ Dressmaker, Part 4

“[A]s they were going along, Jenny twisted her venerable friend aside to a brilliantly-lighted toy-shop window, and said: ‘Now look at ’em! All my work!’

“This referred to a dazzling semicircle of dolls in all the colours of the rainbow, who were dressed for presentation at court, for going to balls, for going out driving, for going out on horseback, for going out walking, for going to get married, for going to help other dolls to get married, for all the gay events of life.” (Our Mutual Friend, by Charles Dickens, Book III, Chapter 2)

I was commissioned to make five party dresses (part of this project) for as many 18″ dolls. My favorites to make were the black dress with silver trim and the pink dress trimmed with black roses. I created the patterns myself, and was very pleased with how they turned out. The dark pink dress I based on a vintage pattern that belonged to a great-aunt of mine — Simplicity 3217. The purple pinafore dress was the most difficult to make, as I had very limited fabric. I ended up having to piece some of it. I forgot to take photos of the black dress before I gave it to the lady it was for, but my little sister took some photos when she was over visiting one day. She also got some group shots.

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