The Dolls’ Dressmaker, Part 5

“[T]he little figure went on with its work of gumming or gluing together with a camel’s-hair brush certain pieces of cardboard and thin wood, previously cut into various shapes. The scissors and knives upon the bench showed that the child herself had cut them; and the bright scraps of velvet and silk and ribbon also strewn upon the bench showed that when duly stuffed (and stuffing too was there), she was to cover them smartly.” (Our Mutual Friend, by Charles Dickens, Book II, Chapter 1)

Here’s another group of doll clothes that I made for this project. I made a jean jacket, skirt, and jumper and a red shirt to go with them. They turned out quite smart! Then, out of the same denim, I made a vest and cap with a yellow blouse and a twirly skirt to wear with (or without) them.

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2 Responses to The Dolls’ Dressmaker, Part 5

  1. thezanyknits says:

    They look fantastic! Really beautiful work.

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