The Dolls’ Dressmaker, Part 6

“Perhaps,” said Miss Jenny, holding out her doll at arm’s length, and critically contemplating the effect of her art with her scissors on her lips and her head thrown back …. “You must have another touch of blue in your trimming, my dear.” Having addressed the last remark to her fair client, Miss Wren proceeded to snip at some blue fragments that lay before her, among fragments of all colours, and to thread a needle from a skein of blue silk. (Our Mutual Friend, by Charles Dickens, Book IV, Chapter 8)

This batch of doll clothes (made for this project) contains two of my favorite items: the button jumper and the cherry coat. The red coat went together beautifully — the cherry lining was perfect for it. I had a variety of buttons and thought it would be fun to sew them on the polka-dots on the jumper. I hand sewed them all on. I made the pattern for the jumper. It turned out just a bit shorter than I intended, but I liked it so well that I adjusted the pattern and made another jumper from it, pictures of which will be included in a later batch of pictures for this project. (The adorable blue knit sweater in the last picture was made by my sister.)

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