The Dolls’ Dressmaker, Part 9

“[The Doll’s Dressmaker] then shut the bedroom door, and all the other doors, and going down stairs and emerging from the Albany into the busy streets, took omnibus for Saint Mary Axe: pressing on the road all the gaily-dressed ladies whom she could see from the window, and making them unconscious lay-figures for dolls, while she mentally cut them out and basted them.”
(Our Mutual Friend, by Charles Dickens, Book IV, Chapter 8)

I’m drawing to the close of posting pictures from this project. This set includes a green peasant dress (with charming cream cotton lace), a purple floral peasant top with a purple twirly skirt, and a cowgirl top (I did not make the skirt shown with this top). I made the patterns for all of these items myself, and was for the most part pleased with how they turned out — though the hem of the twirly skirt is apt to turn up and the bodice of the peasant dress is longer than I intended.

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