A Robin’s Nest

“What are you doing there, Robbin a Bobbin,
Under my window, out in the blue?”
— from ‘Talents Differ’ by Laura E. Richards

7 RobinA robin built his nest in the crook of a tree branch right outside my bedroom window. I took some pictures before the buds on the tree (it’s a box elder) opened and the foliage began hiding the nest. Through the winter, my parents put tarpaulins over their wood piles, but the wind generally shreds them by spring. Robins seem to particularly like these tarp ribbons — I have found several robin nests utilizing them. Last year, I saw a robin in the act of taking off with a beak-full of them. You can see shreds of green tarp in this robin’s nest. Some of these pictures, I took through the glass of my window, so as to be sure to get some without frightening the robin away, but a few are from my open window. The last picture is, obviously, not the robin, but a mourning dove, perched in the same tree.

1 Wide view of tree 2 Robin 3 Robin nest 4 Robin 5 Robin 6 Robin 8 Mourning Dove

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