Fall Pizza

DSCF9383I make pizza for my family every weekend — with some help from the kids usually. Last weekend, we made a fall edition of this meal. ’Tis the season for apples and we have an abundance of them. A few were getting soft, so I decided to use them up and make an apple pizza. (Though, I’m not sure it actually qualifies as pizza.) One of my brothers decided to put cheese in the crust of the other pizza and prick it in the pattern of a spider’s web — ’tis the season for spiders, too. My little sister thought it a good idea, so she decorated the other crust with a spider’s web, complete with spiders. So, there you have our version of fall pizza.

Crusts fresh from the oven:

DSCF9385 DSCF9384

Toppings ready to go on the pizza:


Ready to go into the oven:

DSCF9390 DSCF9391

Ready to eat!

DSCF9395 DSCF9394

(The individual slices of pizza are for my youngest brother, using a gluten-free version of the crust.) Bon appétit!

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