Today is the official first day of summer! (Really, though, I think that with temperatures that have been in the 90s°F, summer has been in full force for a while now!) It was a lovely day in my area — sunny, breezy, temperatures in the 70s°F. I spent the afternoon picking strawberries and doing other outdoor stuff. The already cut hay in the fields surrounding my home got flipped early in the afternoon and then baled in the evening. Here is the view from my bedroom window, morning and then evening:


The tree is fully leafed out, now. It was lovely to watch as the leaves grew visibly day by day during the spring.

May 2nd:


May 4th:

May 5th:


May 6th:


May 8th:

May 15th:

May 19th:

And now it is a month later, and a far cry from this (April 3rd):

I’m so glad it is summer! There is green everywhere and it is beautiful.


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