Who am I?

I am a “partial, prejudiced, & ignorant”* woman living in Michigan. I have another blog, Mansfield Park: Thoughts on Jane Austen’s Novel, where I blog about the novel Mansfield Park, and other things related to my favorite novelist, Jane Austen.

I live on a small farm, where I take care of some steers (two right now), two cats, and lots of chickens. I particularly enjoy reading, writing, taking care of animals, baking (mostly sourdough bread), and sewing. I am interested in politics and health, among other things. I do not affiliate myself with any particular political group, but I am decidedly pro-liberty and anti-tyranny. I admire Weston A. Price’s research on health. I am trying to learn to speak and read German and how to play the mandolin.

*A quotation from The History of England by Jane Austen.

What is this blog about?

The East room is where Fanny muses, writes to her brother, and works. I have named my blog after it, and plan to use it for the same purposes—musing, writing, and sharing my work and activities.

Comment/Contact Policy

I don’t allow comments on all of the posts on this blog, but you can contact me with questions, suggestions, or corrections at miss-sneyd@mansfield-park.com. Please keep all emails clean and polite. Please feel free to comment on posts where I do allow that (again, keep it clean and polite), however, I reserve the right to remove any comments, and I do not always have time to reply to them.

Why “The East Room”?

In my favorite novel, Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, the East room is the room that the heroine, Fanny Price, artlessly works herself into. Her own room, the little white attic, is too small to accommodate her plants and her books, and she is glad to keep them in the former school-room. Little by little, as she adds to her possessions and spends more time there, the room becomes considered as her own. It is to the East room that she goes after anything unpleasant below. In the East room she can always find some pursuit, or some train of thought, at hand to console her. There she keeps her plants, her books, her writing-desk, and her works of charity and ingenuity. There, “if nothing but musing would do, she could scarcely see an object in that room which had not an interesting remembrance connected with it. Everything was a friend, or bore her thoughts to a friend” (Chapter XVI). For more about Mansfield Park’s East Room, see this post: The East Room.

Header Image and other Images

The image on my header is a detail from the painting “Summer Evening” by Frederick Childe Hassam (1859-1935), an American Impressionist painter. His works are in the public domain. You can see a copy of the full, original painting (I altered it slightly for my header image) on Wikimedia Commons. The picture is just right for my blog. I imagine that the young woman is Fanny Price looking out of the window in the East room “to see if … by giving air to her geraniums she might inhale a breeze of mental strength herself” (Chapter XVI).

All of the images that I use on this website are either 1) in the public domain, 2) to the best of my knowledge, count as “fair use”*, or 3) are otherwise “copyright-cleared”/used with permission.

*It is believed that the limited, non-profit use of low-resolution screenshots for commentary and discussion of a film or of the picture itself qualifies as fair use.