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Books I’ve Read So Far in 2014

Here is a list (not quite in order) of those books that I have read completely through so far this year. The Mystery in the Drood Family by Montagu Saunders (Cambridge: at the University Press, 1914) — I read this … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of Edwin Drood

Today, I am celebrating the anniversary of Charles Dickens’s birth by posting my review (the last one for the Dickens Project!) of his last novel, cut short by his death. The Mystery of Edwin Drood is the last novel of … Continue reading

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Our Mutual Friend

Our Mutual Friend is Dickens’s last completed novel. The story revolves around the Harmon fortune. Old John Harmon, a cold-hearted miser, has died leaving his fortune to his estranged son, also John Harmon, on condition that he marry Bella Wilfer. … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

Mrs. Hubble shook her head, and contemplating me with a mournful presentiment that I should come to no good, asked, “Why is it that the young are never grateful?” This moral mystery seemed too much for the company until Mr. Hubble tersely … Continue reading

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Cast Ideas for “A Tale of Two Cities”

I have thought for a while that the actors Rupert Friend and Orlando Bloom would be great as the look-alikes Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay in an adaptation of Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities. A simple Google search of their … Continue reading

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Charles Darnay and the Hero of A Tale of Two Cities

“Do you particularly like the man [Darnay]?” [Carton] muttered, at his own image; “why should you particularly like a man who resembles you? There is nothing in you to like; you know that. Ah, confound you! What a change you … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities is the second of Dickens’s two historical novels (the other is Barnaby Rudge). It is set before and during the early part of the French Revolution (1789-99). The two cities are London and Paris. The … Continue reading

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